Documentaries: Agrofuels

A regularly updated list of online documentaries, shorts and trailers on the production  of agrofuels, often coined as ‘green’ biofuels. FIAN Netherlands does not necessarily endorse the content of all the documentaries listed here.

Killerbean: Killerbean is a documentary that tells the story of how eating meat in Europe is connected to deforestation, land theft, agrochemical intoxication and slavery in Brazil.
Length: 41:05 min.
Year: 2009.
Language: Portuguese, English subtitles.

The Dark Side of Green: Tells the story of how the Guarani-Kaiowá indigenous people in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, are hit by a booming ethanol sector.
Directors: An Baccaert, Cristiano Navarro, Nicolas Muñoz
Length: 29 min
Year: 2011
Language: Portuguese, English subtitles

The Biofuel Myth (trailer): Biofuel was the buzzword of the millenniums Green Revolution- an eco-friendly blend of plant oil with regular oil, which could run your car and produce electricity. Now the global demand for Biofuel is threatening the lives of the 45 million people who depend on the rainforest for food. A riveting look at the food vs fuel debate.
Inge Altemeier & Reinhard Hornung
Length: 44 min
Year: 2009
Language: German and English

What is behind the ‘responsible’ soy label?: Short animation on the truth behind the production of  ‘responsible’ soy.
Created by: Monkeybizniz
Length: 1.30 min
Year: 2011
Language: English

Raising Resistance (trailer): Explores Latin American farmers’ struggle against the expanding production of genetically modified soy in South America.
Directors: Bettina Borgfeld & David Bernet
Length: 84 min
Year: 2011
Language: Spanish and German